How the Shopping Center is Changing

There are several things that are happening and changing in the malls that will assure this is the retail hub of many markets nationwide. It is for sure the right time to look at mall media for the holidays!

There is no doubt that the changes in mall environment were necessary, as malls with poor infrastructure have failed. The battle is not over yet, but changes are everywhere building new customers and re-motivating older customers.

The conversion has been built around the connection and joining of both Online Retail and Bricks and Mortar. Businesses like Warby Parker, Bonobos, Blue Apron, Fabletics, Birch Box and event the dynamic Amazon have moved to inline and Pop Up stores. What online has found is that the new world wants Omnichannel solutions, and the mall offers that.

This is only the tip of the changing iceberg. In 2017 we found malls changing food courts, environments and designs to appeal to the millennials. This also includes special programs, events and retailers that interest the consumer. This can also include dynamic solutions like removing the roof to create an open air center.

These two dynamic changes are just a sampling of what is happening in malls to make them MORE RELEVANT today. Now the owners of these centers are designing to the consumer instead of designing to match the tenants. That change will drive the mall to continue and strengthen its hold on the HUB OF A COMMUNITY.

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