Banners are a dominant form of media within an atrium or between floors of a mall.  Standard sizes typically range from 5’x9’ to 16’x14’ with dominant sizing further emphasizing a brand’s exposure.


Free-standing, life-sized signage that is one of the most flexible advertising options within the mall space.  Standees are placed in high-traffic areas of a property and can be utilized in indoor or outdoor centers.


Typically sold in networks for maximum coverage, Door Clings grab consumers’ attention as soon as they enter (and again when they exit!) the property.  Double-sided clings are placed at eye-level at key mall entrances to ensure your brand gets noticed.


The Food Court is the social gathering place of the mall, where consumers spend an average of 30 minutes per visit when dining.  Media applications can include table cling graphics, table tents or other unique, property-specific opportunities.


Elevators can be used as a unique advertising platform within the mall space.  Branding can include custom applications on the doors, inside the cab or the exterior elevator shaft for maximum visibility.


Strategically selected escalators are a unique media platform, allowing for multi-level domination of the mall landscape.   Adhesive vinyl wraps can be placed on the glass, and often the surrounding wall areas, for a visually dynamic media activation.



Does your brand require a bold approach to media?  Do you want to command consumers’ attention and dominate a space?  Spectacular activations are for you.  MG Malls works with malls nation-wide to create custom media activations that are as unique as your brand.  Spectacular media activations can include:

  • Entrance Wraps

  • Wall Graphics

  • Barricade Wraps

  • Play Area Sponsorships

  • Automotive Displays

…or a combination of multiple media plays to truly dominate the mall space!


MG Malls exclusively represents backlit inventory in a network of malls across the nation.  Additionally, we have access to developer-owned backlit inventory from coast to coast, allowing us to build comprehensive media plans for any client.


Digital ads are quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to promote your product, brand or service to consumers who are already in the shopping mindset.  Digital signage can be executed in a variety of ways; utilizing full motion video or static spots on Large-Scale LED Screens, Floor-Based Networks, or even outdoor Pylon Signage!