MG Malls Introduces AdPod: Extending marketing beyond digital

What is AdPod?  The only interactive 3-Sided Touchscreen with Sight, Sound and Motion.  It offers dynamic and engaging media based on a strategic and brilliantly designed user experience customized to your campaign needs.  AdPod then uses real-time analytic evaluation, measuring viewership and engagement by audience.

AdPod is the only agile digital outdoor network.  Each screen contains unique and compelling content tailored to the specific target audience.  Through facial recognition technology, it identifies who is viewing the content, who engages the content and what their duration of interaction is.  The content can be adjusted, in real-time, based on the interactivity, gender or age of the target audience.

Talk to MG Malls for more information on how AdPod can activate in a mall or anywhere!

2017-09-12T12:14:56-05:00September 12th, 2017|Advertising Opportunities|