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McGavren Guild Malls is an independent media representation firm focused on providing excellence in all facets of the mall media experience for our clients. By focusing on results.

Introducing... MAXI MALL!

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  • Instant Dominant Display - McGavren Guild Malls has created a display that will quickly link your brand to consumers within a mall environment simply, quickly and potentially concurrently across numerous malls
  • Eye Catching - Create a dominant space in a mall with a fully branded sampling or engagement platform. Be different, stand out, create excitement
  • Media Domination - The space is branded 360 degrees around and complimented with digital screens and Bluetooth® Broadcasting technology, where available
  • Personally Engage Consumers - Create a consumer interaction instantly in numerous malls
  • Supported with Media Applications - Ask about McGavren Guild Malls' patented process for tracking activation live at multiple events

Maxi Mall Features:

  • Branded with your clients' images 360 degrees around the walls
  • Branded center column
  • Digital screens (where applicable)
  • Bluetooth® broadcasting unit to reach passing customers' cell phones
  • Custom data collection platform called “PHATBIKE” for tracking of results
  • Sampling area is roomy enough for up to 3 individuals at the same time


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